Maximillian Hauser — President 

Max is a junior from Los Angeles, California majoring in Economics and minoring in Data Science and German. Through his four semesters at BRB, Max has helped integrate members into the club through planning various events and other activities that focus on building team cohesiveness. This semester Max is excited to lead BRB as President of the organization. In a similar capacity to his role in BRB, Max plans on continuing to work heavily with a combination of people and business through pursuing a career in real estate brokerage.

John Wang — Co-Editor-in-Chief

John is a senior from New York City studying Economics and Computer Science, currently serving as BRB’s co-EIC. His academic interests lie in using statistical and computational models to better understand how markets work and to ultimately build optimal trading strategies. Outside of his work, John enjoys playing lacrosse, writing Yelp reviews, and watching Game of Thrones.

Jay Sahaym  Co-Editor-in-Chief

Jay is a junior from Eastern Washington majoring in Economics and Data Science with a minor in Digital Humanities. This semester is his fifth in BRB, and he is currently serving as co-EIC. In previous semesters, he has served BRB as Publishing Director and as a Senior Columnist. Jay joined BRB’s Economics column in the fall of his freshman year to explore topics such as economic policy, global development, and behavioral economics. Outside of BRB, he loves trying out new recipes and enjoys playing and watching soccer, tennis, and basketball.

Michelle TombuMarketing Director

Michelle is a junior from Los Angeles currently pursuing a double major in Political Economy (with a concentration in Financial Economics) and Russian Language & Literature. Her professional interests include finance, sports business and the intersection of law and economics. She is looking forward to creating meaningful content for BRB that highlights the amazing work of all its members while actively promoting and engaging with our wonderful community. In her free time, Michelle loves to go to the beach, watch hockey, play volleyball, go camping, paint and pray on the downfall of every San Jose Sharks fan.

Alisha MahajanInternal Director

Alisha is a junior intending to double major in Business Administration and Environmental Economics and Policy with a minor in Public Policy. This is her third semester in BRB, and she is excited to join and assist in the development of its members through her work in internal affairs. Her interests include educational equity, operations, campaign management, and social and environmental policy. Alisha’s interest in operations led her to join BRB, and she hopes to apply her interests to business and internal organization management. She is from Maryland, and will argue that it boasts the best state flag.



Jackson FrankwickFinance Director

Jackson is a third-year student from Palos Verdes, California, majoring in Computer Science, Data Science, and Business Administration. He currently serves as Finance Director, organizing fundraising, sourcing, and budgeting for the club. With a background in Financial Markets, Game Theory, and Statistics, Jackson is pursuing a career in quantitative trading. He currently teaches Poker Theory, Berkeley’s largest student-run course, and is an academic intern for Discrete Math and Probability Theory. Jackson is interested in applying strategies from games like poker and chess to find positive expectancy strategies in trading. He is also a member of Scholars of Finance, a club dedicated to creating more ethical stewards of the world’s capital. In his free time, he enjoys hobbies such as weightlifting, soccer, and skiing.

Tanvir Shahed — External Director

Tanvir is a junior from Kuwait majoring in Economics and minoring in Data Science. He wishes to pursue a career in finance and is deeply passionate about investing and observing trends in financial markets. In BRB, Tanvir wishes to deepen his knowledge about finance and economics, while actively participating in organizing events. In his free time, you can find him watching and playing sports — especially basketball and soccer — or just hanging out with friends.

Caroline Yee  Senior Graphic Designer

Caroline is a third-year from Boston, Massachusetts, majoring in Data Science and Economics. This is her second semester as Senior Graphic Designer, where she enjoys working cross-functionally with the wonderful graphics team and the talented writers of BRB. In her free time, she enjoys creative outlets like painting, bullet journaling, and reading. Above all, she really loves food (particularly vegetables). This semester, she is really looking forward to the internal events and getting closer with the new members!

Abby Copeland  Senior Advisor

Abby is a third-year student from Indianapolis, Indiana, studying Chinese Language and Literature. She is interested in pursuing a markets-related role in finance and has worked for the U.S. government and an emerging markets bank where she focused on Asia foreign exchange. She has been a part of the Business Review at Berkeley for six semesters, and her previous roles include serving as Editor-In-Chief and Publishing Director. Outside of BRB, she serves on the committee of a global nonprofit, taught a self-designed course at the Haas School of Business on global markets, and recently founded Women on Wall Street at Berkeley, the university’s first independent student organization for women interested in finance. In her free time, she enjoys yoga and trying new restaurants in the Bay Area. 

Dhruv Muralidhar  Senior Advisor

Originally from Metro Detroit, Dhruv is a senior in the Global Management Program, majoring in Business Administration and Political Science. He is a passionate public speaker who is interested in geopolitics and its intersection with business. After his tenures as President and Editor-in-Chief, Dhruv is excited to serve as Senior Advisor, helping foster a new crop of leaders. In his spare time, he enjoys trying new cuisines and building LEGOs. After graduation, as an advocate for social and economic justice, Dhruv plans on attending law school.

Amalia Nichols  Senior Advisor

Amalia is a fourth-year from Houston, Texas studying at the Haas School of Business in the Global Management Program and minoring in Data Science. As a Senior Advisor and Columnist, she has explored the intersections that social justice and popular culture have with business. Amalia has studied and interned in both London, England and Madrid, Spain, fueling her interest in the impact of international culture and events on business. She also serves as a representative for the Global Management Program and is pursuing a career in business analytics. In her free time, Amalia enjoys playing basketball or soccer and obsessively reading.