Flight delays and cancellations are plaguing the air travel industry at an alarming rate—and no one is doing anything about it. So today, let’s pull back the curtain on the airlines in disarray and discover why we are in our current predicament and what we must do to fly above the fray.Continue Reading

Globalization is not new. People have traded goods across oceans and continents since the Silk Road. But this 2,000 year legacy may now be in jeopardy as an increasing number of experts warn that globalization, as we know it, may be coming to an end.Continue Reading

After coming close to catastrophe earlier this month, Congress voted to raise the US debt ceiling by $480 billion in order to allow the government to borrow enough money to fund its commitments until December. In this article, Dhruv Muralidhar explores the debt ceiling and makes a case for why it should be removed. Continue Reading

As the United States attempts to build back the economy in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic, debate over raising the federal minimum wage rages in Congress. What will this measure cost us? How much will it help? We explore this and more in the following article as we make the case for why we need a $15 federal minimum wage.Continue Reading

Have things been quieter lately? Noise pollution has been affecting our daily lives, but as businesses shut down due to COVID-19 it has largely subsided. Learn about the benefits of a quieter environment, and why corporations should be more accountable as this article attempts to measure the costs and benefits of this often-overlooked type of pollution.
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