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One fateful winter, our founders became fed up with the business bro-culture they had encountered and decided to create what they envisioned to be a new model for professional organizations where students from all backgrounds could share their ideas about business, finance, and community.  

Aaron and Panos


We strive to be the thought leader in business and financial literacy on campus. At its core, BRB is a student-led organization that publishes articles, interviews, and videos for people interested in business and finance-related content that is both informative and relatable.

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Year-round, the publishing team at BRB produces original and thought-provoking content related to special topics in Investing, Financial Literacy, Economics, and the Berkeley Business Community.

By leading business and financial thought on campus, BRB helps to simplify the business landscape while providing its members with the technical expertise and writing skills necessary to work in finance and journalism.


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BRB operates as a non-profit under the auspices of the Associated Students of the University of California (ASUC). Any donation is tax-deductible and goes straight to helping the club give its members the resources they need to get as close as possible to the story. Funds may also be used to invite guest speakers to give enlightening and educating talks to members. Follow this link to donate and make it out to “Business Review at Berkeley.” Thanks! 


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