All. In. House.

Our Editor-in-Chief oversees the brainstorming process and is in constant back-and-forth with Senior Columnists who manage their respective columns and columnists. The Senior Graphic Designer manages our graphic design team and seeks to capture the originality in our articles while maintaining high quality standards. The Publishing Director is responsible for content workflow, publishing churn, and site design. Our Marketing Director shares BRB’s ideas and stories with the world through the hard work of our marketing team. And, our VPs of Internal and External are in charge of fostering community engagement within the club and campus communities. 



The Investing column publishes articles about special topics in investing and financial markets. It seeks to provide current and prospective investors with investing-relevant ideas as opposed to trading advice on individual securities. Ideas will be sourced from current financial market happenings as well as Accounting and Finance journals. Interviews will be allotted to financial industry professionals as well as Berkeley Haas professors in Accounting and Finance. 

The Economics column publishes articles about Economics History and current Economics Policy. It seeks to provide readers with a non-technical, Economics background and framework to debate current events and public policy. Ideas are sourced from current events and academic journals from Berkeley professors in the Economics department.

The Financial Literacy column publishes articles tailored for students helping them save and invest for the future. Within that framework of learning how to save and invest, the FinLit team teaches students how to build their credit, maximize their 401k contributions, and cut unnecessary expenses. This column is meant to be relatable, practical, and relevant for anyone looking to prepare for their financial future, especially students. 

The Community column informs readers about the impact entrepreneurs, activists, and small businesses have on Berkeley’s local economy and culture. We write about special topics in Berkeley-relevant business happenings and conduct interviews with local business owners. In this column, BRB reintroduces and reshapes readers’ perspective of entrepreneurs and local businesses and set them within a broader debate about immigration, leadership, and economic prosperity.