E2F5D3EB-4E5B-4D8C-A183-21C9516E3733 - Nina Tagliabue

Senior Graphic Designer

Nina is a junior from Westchester, New York studying Economics with a minor in Data Science. Through her four semesters in BRB, she has been able to find pursue her hobby of graphic design while taking part in intellectual discourse about the business topics BRB’s members explore. Nina intends to pursue a career in investment banking and enjoys playing tennis, cooking, and finding the best spots in Berkeley to post up and relax.

5E2864BB-629F-411E-A27D-03F7DC39CAE8 - Carol Lu

Graphic Designer

Carol is a sophomore from Vancouver, Canada studying Political Economy. She is interested in law and business and enjoys drawing, tennis, listening to music, and playing games in her free time. She has been painting, drawing, and doing various design-related activities since she was young and joined the BRB graphics team to meet people interested in business while having a creative outlet.