Although there have been many movies where people travel to the future, it never seemed plausible in real life. Despite the fact that we can’t (yet) pull off what Marty McFly does in Back to the Future, using physics and mathematics, chaos theorists can somewhat anticipate what will happen next.Continue Reading

Author: Venus Dhanda, Graphics: Anna Szymoniak The BRB Bottomline: The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB), established in 2010, has worked to regulate U.S. markets for over a decade, protecting consumers from risky and predatory lending practices. The Community Financial Association (CFSA), fighting for forms of financial regulation, has taken issueContinue Reading

Embark on an immersive journey where the realms of AI and AR converge, opening a gateway to boundless companionship, profound connections, and transformative digital experiences. A new life where human senses are heightened allowing all of us, including those with disabilities, to experience life to its fullest, all while wearing a sleek pair of Ray-Ban glasses. Continue Reading

In the crossroads where art and commerce intersect, few figures loom as large as Takashi Murakami, the mastermind behind a multimillion-dollar high art empire. Murakami’s indelible impact isn’t just confined to galleries and museums; it extends to mainstream recognition through iconic collaborations in pop culture.Continue Reading

So what is the future of search? It entirely hinges on Judge Mehta’s ruling in United States v. Google LLC. If Dintzer and his team can successfully argue their case, compelling Google to change its anticompetitive practices, the DOJ would essentially open up the market to competition. This shake-up could lead to a wide array of consequences, including a drop in Google’s stock price as investors will assess the company’s profitability in a more competitive environment. Yet, should the DOJ fail to secure its desired outcome, Google’s dominant position would be reinforced by legal precedent. This would both solidify its supremacy but also bolster investor confidence as it’s logical to anticipate a continuation of Google’s flywheel status.Continue Reading